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Date/Time of Last Update: Tue Jun 25 12:07:08 2024 UTC

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From face-plants to flying across the lagoon: how I learned to kitesurf in Sicily
Tue, 25 Jun 2024 06:00:07 GMT

The coastline near Marsala is the perfect spot to practise your Superman moves on a residential kitesurfing course

There’s no escaping it: kitesurfing is a daunting sport for beginners. Don’t be fooled by the name – it is nothing like flying a kite in a park. On the first day of a week-long kitesurfing course in Sicily, I found myself in the sea attached to an enormous polyester wing that was powerful enough to lift me clear of the water and send me hurtling through the air.

Despite my nerves, I could see that the Stagnone Lagoon near Marsala, western Sicily, is a great place to learn. The lagoon is shallow enough to stand up in, has no waves and is protected by four islands – Isola Grande, San Pantaleo, Santa Maria and La Schola – that create a natural wind tunnel; there is a consistent breeze from spring to the end of October. The area is popular with kitesurf schools, including mine, UCPA Planète, but doesn’t feel overcrowded.

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Gareth Southgate says England have had ‘open and honest conversations’
Mon, 24 Jun 2024 21:30:48 GMT
  • Manager sees ‘progress’ in buildup to Slovenia game
  • Declan Rice rejects criticism of side’s fitness

Gareth Southgate has revealed that “open and honest” conversations have allowed England to reset since their disappointing draw with Denmark, while Declan Rice urged everyone to step up and embrace the challenge of chasing glory at Euro 2024.

England have been irked by ­criticism from former professionals and television pundits over their flatness and tactical confusion in their opening two games in Germany and defiance was the overriding theme as they prepared for Tuesday night’s match against Slovenia.

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Neoplants Neo Px Review: This Plant Isn't as Good as an Air Purifier
Sun, 23 Jun 2024 13:00:00 +0000
Is the Neo Px plant system a new kind of air purifying tech or a lot of hot air?
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Best Apple Watch (2024): Which Model Should You Buy?
Fri, 21 Jun 2024 12:30:00 +0000
Should you splurge for the Ultra Watch 2? Or stick with the SE? Let us help you figure out which version to get (and which to avoid).
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‘The man who used to be James Cracknell’: the Olympic rower on catastrophe, comas and comebacks
Mon, 24 Jun 2024 04:00:19 GMT

With two Olympic golds under his belt, Cracknell was building a second career as an endurance athlete when disaster struck. He discusses relentlessness, running for the Tories – and his disgust at Partygate

James Cracknell sometimes refers to himself as “the man who used to be James Cracknell” or “the man who is almost James Cracknell”. Like so many people who have experienced traumatic brain injuries, he underwent an extreme personality change. James Cracknell is the man who won two Olympic gold medals, rowed with the legends Steve Redgrave and Matthew Pinsent and took on superhuman endurance challenges with his friend the broadcaster Ben Fogle. The man who used to be James Cracknell is the product of the 2010 road traffic accident that almost killed him when he was hit by a petrol tanker while cycling in the US. Severe damage to his frontal lobe left him delusional, angry, incoherent, amnesiac and uncoordinated.

Fourteen years on, he has made an astonishing recovery and is running for parliament as the Conservative candidate for Colchester. He might not be the Cracknell of old, but he is closer to it than many ever thought he would be. In one way or another, the 52-year-old has been competing in first-past-the-post races all his life. Now, he is approaching another.

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Top 10 Best PLR(Private Label Rights) Websites | Which One You Should Join in 2022?
Sat, 26 Feb 2022 13:36:00 +0000

Content creation is one of the biggest struggles for many marketers and business owners. It often requires both time and financial resources, especially if you plan to hire a writer.
Today, we have a fantastic opportunity to use other people's products by purchasing Private Label Rights.

To find a good PLR website, first, determine the type of products you want to acquire. One way to do this is to choose among membership sites or PLR product stores. Following are 10 great sites that offer products in both categories.

What are PLR websites?

Private Label Rights (PLR) products are digital products that can be in the form of an ebook, software, online course videos, value-packed articles, etc. You can use these products with some adjustments to sell as your own under your own brand and keep all the money and profit yourself without wasting your time on product creation.
The truth is that locating the best website for PLR materials can be a time-consuming and expensive exercise. That’s why we have researched, analyzed, and ranked the best 10 websites:

1. PLR.me

 PLR.me is of the best places to get PLR content in 2021-2022. It offers a content marketing system that comes with courses, brandable tools, and more. It is the most trusted PLR website, among other PLR sites. The PLR.me platform features smart digital caching PLR tools for health and wellness professionals. The PLR.me platform, which was built on advanced caching technology, has been well-received by big brands such as Toronto Sun and Entrepreneur. The best thing about this website is its content marketing automation tools.


  • Pay-as-you-go Plan – $22
  • 100 Monthly Plan – $99/month
  • 400 Annual Plan – $379/year
  • 800 Annual Plan – $579/year
  • 2500 Annual Plan – $990/year


  • Access over 15,940+ ready-to-use PLR coaching resources.
  • Content marketing and sliding tools are provided by the site.
  • You can create courses, products, webinars, emails, and nearly anything else you can dream of.
  • You can cancel your subscription anytime.


  • Compared to other top PLR sites, this one is a bit more expensive.

2. InDigitalWorks

InDigitalWorks is a leading private label rights membership website established in 2008. As of now, it has more than 100,000 members from around the globe have joined the platform. The site offers thousands of ready-to-be-sold digital products for online businesses in every single niche possible. InDigitalWorks features hundreds of electronic books, software applications, templates, graphics, videos that you can sell right away.


  • 3 Months Plan – $39
  • 1 Year Plan – $69
  • Lifetime Plan – $79


  • IndigitalWorks promotes new authors by providing them with 200 free products for download.
  • Largest and most reputable private label rights membership site.
  •  20000+ digital products
  • 137 training videos provided by experts to help beginners set up and grow their online presence for free.
  • 10 GB of web hosting will be available on a reliable server.


  • Fewer people are experiencing the frustration of not getting the help they need.

3. BuyQualityPLR

BuyQualityPLR’s website is a Top PLR of 2021-2022! It's a source for major Internet Marketing Products and Resources. Whether you’re an Affiliate Marketer, Product Creator, Course Seller,  BuyQualityPLR can assist you in the right direction. You will find several eBooks and digital products related to the Health and Fitness niche, along with a series of Security-based products. If you search for digital products, Resell Rights Products, Private Label Rights Products, or Internet Marketing Products, BuyQualityPLR is among the best websites for your needs.


  • Free PLR articles packs, ebooks, and other digital products are available
  • Price ranges from 3.99$ to 99.9$


  • Everything on this site is written by professionals
  • The quick download features available
  • Doesn't provide membership.
  • Offers thousand of PLR content in many niches
  • Valuable courses available


  • You can't buy all content because it doesn't provide membership


The IDPLR website has helped thousands of internet marketers since 2008. This website follows a membership approach and allows you to gain access to thousands of PLR products in different niches. The best thing about this site is the quality of the products, which is extremely impressive.
This is the best PLR website of 2021-2022, offering over 200k+ high-quality articles. It also gives you graphics, templates, ebooks, and audio.


  • 3 Months ACCESS: $39
  • 1 YEAR ACCESS: $69


  • You will have access to over 12,590 PLR products.
  • You will get access to training tutorials and Courses in a Gold membership.
  • 10 GB of web hosting will be available on a reliable server.
  • You will receive 3D eCover Software
  • It offers an unlimited download limit
  • Most important, you will get a 30 day money-back guarantee


  • A few products are available for free membership.

5. PLRMines

PLRmines is a leading digital product library for private label rights products. The site provides useful information on products that you can use to grow your business, as well as licenses for reselling the content. You can either purchase a membership or get access through a free trial, and you can find unlimited high-quality resources via the site's paid or free membership. Overall, the site is an excellent resource for finding outstanding private label rights content.


  • Lifetime membership:  $97


  • 4000+ ebooks from top categories
  • Members have access to more than 660 instructional videos covering all kinds of topics in a membership area.
  • You will receive outstanding graphics that are ready to use.
  • They also offer a variety of helpful resources and tools, such as PLR blogs, WordPress themes, and plugins


  • The free membership won't give you much value.

6. Super-Resell

Super-Resell is another remarkable provider of PLR material. The platform was established in 2009 and offers valuable PLR content to users. Currently, the platform offers standard lifetime memberships and monthly plans at an affordable price. Interested users can purchase up to 10,000 products with digital rights or rights of re-sale. Super-Resell offers a wide range of products such as readymade websites, article packs, videos, ebooks, software, templates, and graphics, etc.


  • 6 Months Membership: $49.90
  • Lifetime membership: $129


  • It offers you products that come with sales pages and those without sales pages.
  •  You'll find thousands of digital products that will help your business grow.
  • Daily News update


  • The company has set up an automatic renewal system. This can result in costs for you even though you are not using the service.

7. Unstoppable PLR

UnStoppablePLR was launched in 2006 by Aurelius Tjin, an internet marketer. Over the last 15 years, UnStoppablePLR has provided massive value to users by offering high-quality PLR content. The site is one of the best PLR sites because of its affordability and flexibility.


  • Regular Price: $29/Month


  • You’ll get 30 PLR articles in various niches for free.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Members get access to community
  • It gives you access to professionally designed graphics and much more.


  • People often complain that not enough PLR products are released each month. 

8. Resell Rights Weekly

Resell Rights Weekly, a private label rights (PLR) website, provides exceptional PLR content. It is among the top free PLR websites that provide free membership. You will get 728+ PLR products completely free and new products every single week. The Resell Rights Weekly gives you free instant access to all products and downloads the ones you require.


  • Gold Membership: $19.95/Month


  • Lots of products available free of cost
  • Free access to the  members forum


  • The prices for the products at this PLR site are very low quality compared to other websites that sell the same items.

9. MasterResellRights

MasterResellRights was established in 2006, and it has helped many successful entrepreneurs. Once you join MasterResellRights, you will get access to more than 10,000 products and services from other members. It is one of the top PLR sites that provide high-quality PLR products to members across the globe. You will be able to access a lot of other membership privileges at no extra price. The website also provides PLR, MRR, and RR license products.


One Month Membership: $19.97
Three Month Membership: $47.00


Access more than 10,000 high-quality,  PLR articles in different niches.
Get daily fresh new updates
Users get 8 GB of hosting space
You can pay using PayPal


Only members have access to the features of this site.

10. BigProductStore 

BigProductStore is a popular private label rights website that offers tens of thousands of digital products. These include software, videos, video courses, eBooks, and many others that you can resell, use as you want, or sell and keep 100% of the profit.
The PLR website updates its product list daily. It currently offers over 10,000 products.
The site offers original content for almost every niche and when you register as a member, you can access the exclusive products section where you can download a variety of high-quality, unique, and exclusive products.


  • Monthly Plan: $19.90/Month 27% off
  • One-Time-Payment: $98.50  50% off
  • Monthly Ultimate: $29.90/Month 36% off
  • One-Time-Payment Ultimate: $198.50 50% off


  • You can use PLR products to generate profits, give them as bonuses for your affiliate promotion campaign, or rebrand them and create new unique products.
  • Lifetime memberships for PLR products can save you money if you’re looking for a long-term solution to bulk goods.
  • The website is updated regularly with fresh, quality content.


  • Product descriptions may not provide much detail, so it can be difficult to know just what you’re downloading.
  • Some product categories such as WP Themes and articles are outdated. 

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Can Conservatives Expand the Death Penalty Using the “Trigger Law” Playbook?
Fri, 21 Jun 2024 15:35:10 +0000

Project 2025 — a road map for the next Trump White House — urges overturning Supreme Court precedent, and a trickle of bills may tee up challenges.

The post Can Conservatives Expand the Death Penalty Using the “Trigger Law” Playbook? appeared first on The Intercept.

Match ID: 0 Score: 21.43 source: theintercept.com age: 3 days
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AI's Most Ambitious Music Generators Infringed Thousands Of Songs, New Lawsuit Says
AI's Most Ambitious Music Generators Infringed Thousands Of Songs, New Lawsuit Says submitted by /u/SportsGod3
[link] [comments]

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UK general election live: Tory party withdraws support from two candidates accused of suspect election date bets
Tue, 25 Jun 2024 11:15:02 GMT

Party no longer backing Craig Williams and Laura Saunders on basis of what it has uncovered during inquiries into allegations, reports BBC

All along the course of the Thames, turning north, meandering south, passing through locks, historic landmarks, Richmond and Kew, swelling beneath the House of Commons with the turning tide, and on to Docklands and beyond – concern for the health of the Thames has led many other ordinary people, who live, work or play on the water, to take up the fight for the health of the river.

The last 15 years of decline in rivers suggests they have much to do. In 2009, a year before the Conservatives first took power in a coalition with the Liberal Democrats, a quarter of English rivers were judged as being of good ecological standard, a marker which examines the flow, habitat and biological quality; by 2022 not one river was in a healthy state.

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First Thing: Assange leaves UK after striking deal with US justice department
Tue, 25 Jun 2024 11:08:23 GMT

WikiLeaks founder reportedly travelling to US plea deal hearing in Northern Mariana Islands. Plus, how fashion entered its ‘ugly’ decade

Good morning.

Julian Assange has struck a deal with the US justice department, freeing him from a UK prison, and is expected to plead guilty to breaching US espionage law in a deal that would allow him to return home to Australia.

Will he face more jail time? Probably not. Under the deal, which must be signed off by a judge, he will probably be credited for the five years he has already served and face no further prison time.

How long was he held at Belmarsh prison? 1,901 days.

How would a ceasefire be worked out? It would be based on prevailing battle lines during peace talks, according to Kellogg and Fred Fleitz.

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A Greyhound of a Girl review – Roddy Doyle story is beautiful take on childhood grief
Tue, 25 Jun 2024 10:00:24 GMT

Heart-lifting adaptation of Doyle’s children’s novel follows cheeky 12-year-old Mia as she faces the loss of her beloved granny

Roddy Doyle’s novel for kids, about childhood grief, has been turned into a gorgeous family animation with a big heart, charming without being too sugary. It’s a gentle introduction to death with its non-religious message that in the end, when someone dear to us dies, what we are left with is their love, and what they have shown us about how to love.

A cheeky, flame-haired 12-year-old Dublin girl called Mary, voiced by Mia O’Connor, wants to be a famous chef when she grows up. The movie opens with Mary competing for the summer camp at an elite catering school. When the snooty judges criticise her tarte tartin, Mary’s grandmother Emer (Rosaleen Linehan) lets rips at “the eejits with the clipboards”. Back at home, granny Emer falls ill and is rushed to hospital. The news is not good and, what with her granny being sick, plus hormones, Mary is raging. There’s real warmth in the scenes at home: her exhausted, worried mum Scarlett (Sharon Horgan) doesn’t cook (“this spag bol is about as Italian as Bono”), dad is cheerful taxi driver Paddy (Brendan Gleeson), and there’s two galumphing brothers; everyone drinks endless cups of tea.

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Match ID: 4 Score: 15.00 source: www.theguardian.com age: 0 days
qualifiers: 15.00 judge

Julian Assange Strikes Plea Deal, Will Return to Australia
Tue, 25 Jun 2024 01:29:28 +0000

In April, President Joe Biden said he was “considering” dropping charges against the WikiLeaks founder.

The post Julian Assange Strikes Plea Deal, Will Return to Australia  appeared first on The Intercept.

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Judge Cannon dives into Justice Department budget at Trump hearing
Mon, 24 Jun 2024 18:52:27 +0000

Match ID: 6 Score: 15.00 source: www.washingtonpost.com age: 0 days
qualifiers: 15.00 judge

The Guardian view on the Tories’ gambling problem: the betting is for a wipeout | Editorial
Mon, 24 Jun 2024 17:43:51 GMT

If there were any doubts in voters’ minds about Rishi Sunak’s lack of leadership they have been wiped away by this sorry episode

Two weeks ago the Guardian revealed that Craig Williams, the prime minister’s parliamentary private secretary, had placed a £100 bet on a July election three days before Rishi Sunak named the date. Mr Williams, the Conservative candidate for Montgomeryshire and Glyndŵr, admitted to having “a flutter” on the timing of the general election, which he said was a “huge error of judgment”. But he has refused to answer questions about whether he was privy to inside information before placing the bet.

Instead of suspending Mr Williams’s campaign, Mr Sunak professed that it was “disappointing” and hid behind the Gambling Commission’s inquiry into the bet. It’s possible that Mr Williams did not know the date of the election and was having a punt. Like Nero, Mr Sunak is fiddling while Rome burns.

Do you have an opinion on the issues raised in this article? If you would like to submit a response of up to 300 words by email to be considered for publication in our letters section, please click here.

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Elon Musk: Is he worth history’s biggest pay deal?
Mon, 24 Jun 2024 08:50:00 GMT
Tesla’s shareholders want to give him $56 billion. Now it's up to a judge if he gets it
Match ID: 8 Score: 15.00 source: www.bbc.co.uk age: 1 day
qualifiers: 15.00 judge

Internet Archive forced to remove 500,000 books after publishers’ court win
Fri, 21 Jun 2024 21:42:00 +0000
Internet Archive fans beg publishers to stop emptying the open library.
Match ID: 9 Score: 12.86 source: arstechnica.com age: 3 days
qualifiers: 12.86 judge

Federal Prosecutors Attacked Me for My Reporting — and They’re Doing It to Hide Info From the Public
Thu, 20 Jun 2024 15:22:46 +0000

If the Biden administration is serious about protecting press freedoms, officials from Washington might want to have a stern talk with federal prosecutors in Detroit.

The post Federal Prosecutors Attacked Me for My Reporting — and They’re Doing It to Hide Info From the Public appeared first on The Intercept.

Match ID: 10 Score: 10.71 source: theintercept.com age: 4 days
qualifiers: 10.71 judge

New York Democratic voters head to the polls in bruising House primary contest
Tue, 25 Jun 2024 10:00:23 GMT

Progressive Jamaal Bowman is challenged by George Latimer, who has been expensively backed by pro-Israel groups

Voters will render their verdict on Tuesday in what has become the most expensive House primary in history, as a progressive incumbent Democrat faces a primary challenge from a candidate backed by pro-Israel groups.

Jamaal Bowman, the congressman for New York’s 16th district, has faced a vigorous challenge from George Latimer after Bowman criticized Israel’s war on Gaza.

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Match ID: 11 Score: 10.00 source: www.theguardian.com age: 0 days
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Vice President Harris sent a fundraising appeal Monday on behalf of both the Democratic Congressional Campaign...
Mon, 24 Jun 2024 20:16:25 +0000

Match ID: 12 Score: 10.00 source: www.washingtonpost.com age: 0 days
qualifiers: 10.00 congress

The U.S. Says a Far-Right Ukrainian Army Unit Can Now Get Aid. A Photo Shows Training Was Already Happening.
Sat, 22 Jun 2024 09:00:00 +0000

The administration says the “Azov Brigade” is separate from the old, Nazi-linked “Azov Battalion.” The unit itself says they’re the same.

The post The U.S. Says a Far-Right Ukrainian Army Unit Can Now Get Aid. A Photo Shows Training Was Already Happening. appeared first on The Intercept.

Match ID: 13 Score: 8.57 source: theintercept.com age: 3 days
qualifiers: 8.57 congress

Congress passes bill to jumpstart new nuclear power tech
Fri, 21 Jun 2024 20:40:16 +0000
ADVANCE Act heads for Biden's signature, but it may be too little, too late.
Match ID: 14 Score: 8.57 source: arstechnica.com age: 3 days
qualifiers: 8.57 congress

Texas A&M Wants to Keep Emails About Leonard Leo’s $15 Million Gift Secret
Tue, 18 Jun 2024 14:14:58 +0000

The donation, one of the largest in the school’s history, was made as right-wing megadonor Leo shopped a new law school center.

The post Texas A&M Wants to Keep Emails About Leonard Leo’s $15 Million Gift Secret appeared first on The Intercept.

Match ID: 15 Score: 8.57 source: theintercept.com age: 6 days
qualifiers: 8.57 new law

South Africa’s Democratic Alliance suspends MP for racist comments
Thu, 20 Jun 2024 14:53:47 GMT

Renaldo Gouws suspended days after white-led party joined coalition government with ANC

A South African MP has been suspended by the Democratic Alliance (DA) for racist comments, less than a week after the white-led party formed a coalition government with the African National Congress.

A clip of Renaldo Gouws saying “Kill all the kaffirs” – a racial slur for black people – and then repeating the phrase using a swear word and the N-word, has gone viral online.

Continue reading...
Match ID: 16 Score: 7.14 source: www.theguardian.com age: 4 days
qualifiers: 7.14 congress

GOP States Double Down on Fighting Medication Abortion After Supreme Court Keeps It Legal
Thu, 13 Jun 2024 20:51:02 +0000

From the jump, the lawsuit challenging the legality of mifepristone was a cynical, propagandistic endeavor. In a 9-0 opinion, the Supreme Court threw it out.

The post GOP States Double Down on Fighting Medication Abortion After Supreme Court Keeps It Legal appeared first on The Intercept.

Match ID: 17 Score: 5.71 source: theintercept.com age: 11 days
qualifiers: 3.57 federal judge(|s), 2.14 judge

Rethinking Democracy for the Age of AI

There is a lot written about technology’s threats to democracy. Polarization. Artificial intelligence. The concentration of wealth and power. I have a more general story: The political and economic systems of governance that were created in the mid-18th century are poorly suited for the 21st century. They don’t align incentives well. And they are being hacked too effectively.

At the same time, the cost of these hacked systems has never been greater, across all human history. We have become too powerful as a species. And our systems cannot keep up with fast-changing disruptive technologies...

Match ID: 18 Score: 2.86 source: www.schneier.com age: 7 days
qualifiers: 2.86 congress

“Utterly Dismayed”: Air Force Engineer Resigns as Dissent Against Gaza War Slowly Spreads Within Military
Tue, 18 Jun 2024 10:00:00 +0000

“I don’t want to be working on something that can turn around and be used to slaughter innocent people.”

The post “Utterly Dismayed”: Air Force Engineer Resigns as Dissent Against Gaza War Slowly Spreads Within Military appeared first on The Intercept.

Match ID: 19 Score: 2.86 source: theintercept.com age: 7 days
qualifiers: 2.86 congress

Columbia Task Force for Dealing With Campus Protests Declares That Anti-Zionism Is Antisemitism
Mon, 17 Jun 2024 23:25:16 +0000

The task force revealed its plans not in a communiqué to faculty and students — but instead in an Israeli newspaper article.

The post Columbia Task Force for Dealing With Campus Protests Declares That Anti-Zionism Is Antisemitism appeared first on The Intercept.

Match ID: 20 Score: 2.86 source: theintercept.com age: 7 days
qualifiers: 2.86 congress

Cheap and Lethal: The Pentagon’s Plan for the Next Drone War
Mon, 17 Jun 2024 14:59:24 +0000

UAVs continually kill civilians, but the U.S. military wants to expand its arsenal with an army of new, mass-produced kamikaze AI drones.

The post Cheap and Lethal: The Pentagon’s Plan for the Next Drone War appeared first on The Intercept.

Match ID: 21 Score: 2.86 source: theintercept.com age: 7 days
qualifiers: 2.86 congress

Winners Announced in Gateways to Blue Skies Aeronautics Competition
Mon, 03 Jun 2024 18:04:51 +0000
The California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, team, with their project titled “Aero-Quake Emergency Response Network,” took first place at the third annual Gateways to Blue Skies Competition. Competing among eight finalist teams that presented their ideas for aviation-related systems for natural disasters, the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona team earned the top award at the […]
Match ID: 22 Score: 2.14 source: www.nasa.gov age: 21 days
qualifiers: 2.14 judge

Medical Aid Worker Describes the Bloody Aftermath of Israel’s Hostage Rescue
Thu, 13 Jun 2024 19:00:00 +0000

“They attacked in the middle of the day. People were going to the market. They gave no warning.”

The post Medical Aid Worker Describes the Bloody Aftermath of Israel’s Hostage Rescue appeared first on The Intercept.

Match ID: 23 Score: 1.43 source: theintercept.com age: 11 days
qualifiers: 1.43 congress

House Votes to Block U.S. Funding to Rebuild Gaza
Wed, 12 Jun 2024 21:05:30 +0000

The Republican amendment to the annual defense budget is just one of several proposals to restrict humanitarian aid to Gaza.

The post House Votes to Block U.S. Funding to Rebuild Gaza appeared first on The Intercept.

Match ID: 24 Score: 1.43 source: theintercept.com age: 12 days
qualifiers: 1.43 congress

Exclusive: The Guardian interviews President Zelenskiy
Wed, 05 Jun 2024 09:48:04 GMT

In an exclusive interview with the Guardian, the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, revealed the tactics and traits that help him face the daily frustrations of leading a country at war for more than two years.

Within a ceremonial room inside Kyiv’s presidential compound, Zelenskiy spoke for nearly an hour with a Guardian team, including the editor-in-chief, Katharine Viner. The interview took place during perhaps the toughest time for Ukraine since the early days of the war. Russia is on the offensive in Kharkiv, an advance that follows months of delay in the US Congress over the passing of a major support package, limiting Ukraine’s battlefield capabilities

Continue reading...
Match ID: 25 Score: 1.43 source: www.theguardian.com age: 20 days
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We're right under the flight path for the scheduled orbital launch, but don't worry--it's too cold out for the rockets to operate safely, so I'm sure they'll postpone.
Match ID: 0 Score: 1000.00 source: xkcd.com
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Pascal's Wager Triangle
In contrast to Pascal's Wager Triangle, Pascal's Triangle Wager argues that maybe God wants you to draw a triangle of numbers where each one is the sum of the two numbers above it, so you probably should, just in case.
Match ID: 1 Score: 1000.00 source: xkcd.com
qualifiers: 1000.00 xkcd

Network Configuration
If you repeatedly rerun the development of technological civilization, it turns out that for some reason the only constant is that there is always a networking utility called 'netcat', though it does a different thing in each one.
Match ID: 2 Score: 1000.00 source: xkcd.com
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Electric vs Gas
An idling gas engine may be annoyingly loud, but that's the price you pay for having WAY less torque available at a standstill.
Match ID: 3 Score: 1000.00 source: xkcd.com
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